Starbase Horizon

To allow for more choices in the Virtual Fleet and introduce new scenarios, the Starbase Horizon station was created in October 2004 and proved a success.

Crew Manifest

Rank Name Position
Captain Jeremy Wells Commanding Officer
Commander Kieran Ramsey Executive Officer
Ensign Jason Hill Chief Conn Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alan Myntz Chief of Security
Ensign Teloran Wood Deputy Chief of Security
Ensign Patrick Wellington Tactics / Strategic Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mellichae Jerosky Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Russell Higgins Assistant Chief Engineer
Ensign David Kinex Engineering Officer
Commander Hadrian Felochelli Chief of Development
Lieutenant Berle Venitaris Chief of Research
Ensign Sulak Assistant Chief of Research
Ensign Michael E. Allans Chief Medical Officer
Ensign Jason Hill Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Civilian General Miv'Ral Camerion Ambassador
Civilian General En'Tor Tau'Ris Ex-Camerion Ambassador