USS Castille NCC-72910

One of the three Virtual Fleet vessels created for its formal relaunch, the Castille was the most successful and long-lasting of the trio. The Castille was a Nebula-class vessel.

The missions of the Castille included long term exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. At one point during its exploration, it was orbiting the third planet of the G-25 system.

The Castille was equipped with various holographic systems.


Commissioned 2372
Length 442.23m
Beam 318.11m
Height 130.43m
Decks 32
Crew 750
Maximum Warp 9.975

Crew Manifest

Rank Name Position
Captain S'tal Commanding Officer
Captain Duo Maxwell Commanding Officer - on ELOA
Commander Enzo Aquarius Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Kacie Irving Administrative Assistant
Lieutenant Junior Grade Thomas 'Borgking' Hawk Chief Conn Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade James Flare Acting Chief of Security
Commander Kyle Carter Chief of Security - on ELOA
Ensign Andrew Weston Deputy Chief of Security
Commander Dailmer Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Luke Furtak Chief of Operations
Lieutenant Junior Grade Legat Porthos Engineer
Ensign Mike Ryland Engineer
Lieutenant Daron Kel Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jeremy 'Scythe' Cutter Science Officer
Commander Phil 'The Doc' Vern Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Zack Doebler Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Ensign Toki Miyasaki Doctor
Ensign Jay Barbour Counsellor