USS Peacemillion NCC-48512-A

An Intrepid-class vessel, the Peacemillion's mission in the fleet was mainly exploration, but the ship was also equipped for ambassadorial missions, and defensive situations should the need arise. The ship's state of the art technology permitted it to be called upon in any number of duties, and could come to the aid of anyone in need, where it's dedicated medical staff could handle numerous patients at once. The Peacemillion's crew were determined to uphold the ideals of the Federation and of Starfleet. From it's home base at Starbase ERP, the ship journeyed to the limits of the Federation and beyond.

During a quiet period, the Peacemillion became a forum-based roleplay at the request of its captain, before interest returned and it resumed its original format.


USS Peacemillion Master Systems Display
Commissioned 2379
Length 343m
Beam 133m
Height 66m
Decks 15
Crew 154
Maximum Warp 9.975

Crew Manifest

The Peacemillion's crew manifest changed over time as activity grew and declined.

This copy of the manifest comes from around mid-2005.

Rank Name Position
Captain Jason Archer Commanding Officer
Commander William 'Bill' Tyral Executive Officer
Ensign Robert Hall Chief Conn Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mike DiFazio Chief of Security
Lieutenant Junior Grade David Southerland Deputy Chief of Security
Lieutenant Commander Frank Ross Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Mark Myntz Assistant Chief Engineer
Crewman Tim Omisson Engineer
Crewman Al Savage Transporter Chief
Lieutenant Commander Paul Franklin Chief Science Officer
Ensign Ryan Eagler Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander Magus Vosh Chief Medical Officer
Cadet Arron Jack Dominion Medical Cadet