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Locked[U.S.S. Serenity] Unwanted Losses (Mission 10)

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Posted at 6:58 pm, 26th September 2003
Okay, the main points that happened in this mission:

[list:03bbe49b6e][*:03bbe49b6e]U.S.S. Serenity and U.S.S. Columbia ordered on joint mission to assist in situation where 2 species are attacking each other.
[*:03bbe49b6e]One species (the attackers) attacked the Serenity and Columbia.
[*:03bbe49b6e]The Columbia suffered massive damage, and was destroyed, with the loss of 7 crewmembers. The others were evacuated onto the Serenity.
[*:03bbe49b6e]The attackers retreated, and the Serenity returned to Starbase 460.[/list:u:03bbe49b6e]

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