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Locked[U.S.S. Serenity] Reassignment (Mission 11)

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Posted at 7:11 pm, 26th September 2003
Main points of Mission 11:

[list:bbec577e1a][*:bbec577e1a]Simmo is re-assigned to Starbase 460. Scooter is promoted to Captain, and given job of CO of the Serenity. Sporto is assigned as XO, while remaining CE. Sam Bickley joins the crew as a Science officer.
[*:bbec577e1a]Simmo contacted by Admiral Jessica Elos of Starfleet Intelligence. They use her Intrepid class ship to do some journey to a planet.
[*:bbec577e1a]Meanwhile the Serenity is assigned on a random mission to do something.
[*:bbec577e1a]Borgking is kidnapped or something, shoots some stuff, and escapes.
[*:bbec577e1a]Elos' ship is attacked, loses power, and is sent crashing into the atmosphere of the planet.
[*:bbec577e1a]Elos' ship crashes into the planet, and balances over a cliff. It then falls over the cliff a short while later. The ship is left as a wreck at the bottom of the cliff.
[*:bbec577e1a]The alien ships are fought off. The Serenity sends down rescue teams in shuttles.
[*:bbec577e1a]Sam and Sporto, and several others, rescue the survivors. Elos, Simmo, several others, and the rescue party, return to the ship.
[*:bbec577e1a]The Serenity returns to Starbase 460.[/list:u:bbec577e1a]

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