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Locked[U.S.S. Serenity] The Ekrizon (Mission 12)

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Posted at 7:17 pm, 26th September 2003
Our long lasting science / first contact mission:

[list:a15f13ffb1][*:a15f13ffb1]U.S.S. Serenity, under command of Captain Scooter, travel to meet the Ekrizon.
[*:a15f13ffb1]The Ekrizon are descendants of humans, from a colony ship that travelled far from, and was lost from the track of humanity, many many years ago. They had very advanced technology.
[*:a15f13ffb1]Scooter met with command officials - the goverment. Borgking met with the leaders of the medical facilities on the planet. Sporto took a look around the power plants and other engineering facilities.
[*:a15f13ffb1]The Serenity later left (after a lack of posts).[/list:u:a15f13ffb1]

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