A Nova class starship

USS Serenity NCC-72694

The master systems display of the USS SerenityThe master systems display of the USS Serenity

The Serenity was the fourth ship in the history of the Virtual Game. A Nova-class vessel, it was introduced to facilitate a wider variety of missions, and to handle more scientific and diplomatic missions, allowing its sister ship the USS Columbia to focus on more "action" heavy missions.

The Nova-class vessel was the first to bear the name Serenity and the direct inspiration for the subsequent ships in its line represented in the Elite Force maps Serenity-A and Serenity-B, the latter of which became the definitive roleplaying map for ERP and other groups for several years.


Commissioned 2378
Length 165m
Beam 62m
Height 34m
Decks 8
Crew 80
Maximum Warp 9

Deck Layout

Deck 01Main Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room
Deck 02Crew Quarters, Mess Hall - "Constellation Restaurant", Computer Core (decks 2-4), Transporter Room 1, Science Labs 1-3
Deck 03Crew Quarters, Transporter Room 2, Cargo Bay 1
Deck 04Crew Quarters, Auxillary Deflector, Waverider Shuttle, Sickbay, Main Shuttlebay
Deck 05Support Systems, Cargo Bay 2, Science Labs 4-5
Deck 06Primary Deflector Dish (decks 6-7), Deuterium Storage, Warp Core (decks 6-8), Stellar Cartography
Deck 07Main Engineering, Antimatter Storage, Aft Torpedo Launcher
Deck 08Engineering Support, Tractor Beam Emitter, Antimatter Loading Port, Forward Torpedo Launcher

Deck plan images can be downloaded here: Serenity Deck Plans (zip).

Crew Manifest

The Serenity was manned by a total of 80 personnel, including Starfleet crew and some civilian staff.

As part of the Virtual Game experience, participants could choose their character's skills, expanding and improving them with each completed mission. Skills typically aligned with the ship's departments, such as Command or Engineering. While these skills had little effect on the missions, it helped players define and build their character's personality and traits.

Over its life, the ship's crew changed slightly as people joined and departed. Represented below is the crew manifest during its last mission. Non-player characters (NPCs) are displayed in grey.

Rank Name Position Skills
Rear Admiral Simmo666 Sector Commander (former CO) Command, Medical, Navigation
Captain Scooter Commanding Officer (former XO) Medical, Command, Ambassadorial
Lieutenant Dogbert (Jeff Daniels) Helmsman Navigation, Basic Medical
Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Kim Chief of Operations Basic Operations, Basic Engineering
Commander Sporto78 Chief Engineer / Executive Officer Engineering, B.Medical, B.Command, B.Navigation
Ensign Logalot Avernite Engineering Officer Basic Engineering
Lieutenant Manhunter Chief of Security Security, Navigation
Lieutenant Junior Grade Commander Luke (Luke Thomson) Deputy of Security Security
Lieutenant Junior Grade FliX Chief Science Officer Science
Ensign Evan Crusader Assistant Chief Science Officer Basic Science
Cadet William 'Dexus' Garrets Xenobiologist Basic Science
Lieutenant Obiko Dozen-Handed Chief Medical Officer Medical
Lieutenant Junior Grade Elizabeth Parker Assistant Helmsman Basic Navigation
Ensign Terika Oldham Assistant Navigator Basic Navigation
Crewman Jek'Pa Assistant Navigator Basic Navigation
Crewman Recruit Angela Dekker Assistant Navigator Basic Navigation
Ensign Rebecca McFarland Assistant Chief Operations Officer Basic Operations
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ashley Waterbury Operations Officer Operations
Lieutenant Junior Grade Ted Gilsdorf Operations Officer Basic Operations
Petty Officer 3rd Class Opell Operations Officer Basic Operations, Basic Engineering
Crewman Hek'Va Operations Officer Basic Operations
Crewman Steven Camacho Operations Officer Basic Operations
Crewman Shon Ehr Operations Officer Basic Operations
Crewman Helen Yee Operations Officer Basic Operations
Crewman Lesley Muckley Operations Officer Basic Operations
Lieutenant Solan Assistant Chief Engineer Engineering, Basic Security

Mission Logs

Here are the forum threads for the Virtual Game missions that the Serenity was involved in.


A Nova class starship