Screenshots of the EFMods forum from 28 November 2002, via the Internet Archive

EFMods: The Virtual Game

EFMods forum titleEFMods forum titleThe EFMods forums for the Virtual Enterprise mod were home to the Virtual Game.

Before Elite Roleplaying and its Virtual Fleet, there were the EFMods forums and the Virtual Game.

EFMods (also titled O'Brien's EF Mods and Maps) was the home of the Virtual Enterprise mod, created by Dobberman and intended to create replica maps of the USS Enterprise-D within Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force. While the mod was never released, the forum was nevertheless home to a lively community.

One day in early 2002, Simmo666 had the idea of setting up a forum-based roleplaying game wherein members would crew a Starfleet vessel and take it on adventures. Inspired by his experiences in the email-based RPG Tango Fleet, Simmo suggested this to the EFMods forum leaders Dobberman and Vanhal, who liked the idea and not long afterwards the Virtual Game was launched.

From collecting rock samples to disasterous first contacts and temporal incidents; from Grich Kings to Ekizron; the missions were varied and often unpredictable.

Ships of the Virtual Game

Over the life of the Virtual Game there were four vessels:

USS 10to5 NX-84720

The USS 10to5 had a rather bulky design, shaped like an an large, square shuttlecraft.

The original vessel and the first (and only) of its class, the USS 10to5 was a small six-person vessel.

Despite its small size, the 10to5 had a fully equipped bridge, engineering, sickbay, individual crew quarters and a small holodeck, and was armed with phasers and photon torpedoes.

After members talked for a long time about how cool it would be to be able to walk around the ship in Elite Force, Scooter took the initiative of building it as its own standalone map.

Blueprints, screenshots and more details can be found on the dedicated USS 10to5 page.

USS Nile NCC-72511

Following the tradition of naming Danube-class runabouts after major Earth rivers, the Nile served as a training vessel for newly enrolled personnel in the Virtual Game.

USS Columbia NCC-85622

When the crew outgrew the 10to5, action moved to a larger Defiant-class vessel. More robust and better armed than the 10to5, the Columbia was better suited to unknown situations and potentially hostile lifeforms.

In a plotline where the ship faced off against dangerous aliens, the Columbia was destroyed with the loss of seven crewmembers in December 2002/January 2003, mere days before the real-life Space Shuttle Columbia was tragically lost on 1 February 2003 with the loss of the same number of lives.

USS Serenity NCC-72694

The USS Serenity was a Nova-class science vessel with a crew of 80.

Further expanding the available fleet of ships and again moving to a larger vessel, the Serenity served as the home for more peaceful and scientific adventures.

The Nova-class vessel was the first to bear the name Serenity and the direct inspiration for the subsequent ships in its line represented in the Elite Force maps Serenity-A and Serenity-B.

More details including the deck layout, blueprints and the crew manifest can be found on the dedicated USS Serenity page.

Starbase 460

While not a ship, Starbase 460 served as the home starbase between missions and the launch point for the 10to5, Nile, Columbia and Serenity.

Mission Logs

Here are the forum threads for the Virtual Game missions, preserved from their original archive format on the EFMods website before it went down.

The bridge of the USS 10to5, the first Virtual Game vessel